What You'll Learn

  • The Full Attractiveness System

  • My 3-Part Authentic Attractiveness for Men Formula

  • Attractiveness From Within

  • First Impression Boost

  • The Secret to Approaching Women

  • Flirting Skills Boost

  • How To Put it all Into Action

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Tired of loneliness?

Tired of being rejected by women? Tired of only being friends with a woman?

WANTED! - Dating for Men simplified reveals the unorthodox 10-step formula that I used to boost my self-confidence, improve my dating skills and finally meet my dream woman by utilizing evolutionary brain programs and applying a new concept of manly attractiveness.

(All this happens by being who You are and respectfully giving women what they truly want...watch below to learn more)



The Full Attractiveness System
You'll get all the details on why showing playful, manly strength is the secret to dating success for men (...as long as You follow the formula. More on that in the next point). Use this in the next 5 conversations with women and You'll see a Drastic Change in How Women will look at You

My 3-Part Authentic Attractiveness for Men Formula
3 powerful pieces that You must focus on to become a man who is strong and attractive from his "roots". This simple formula makes you live the overall dating advice "Just be who You are" in a superior way. Women will love to be around You because You are authentic...

Attractiveness From Within
 This is worth 10 x what You'll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing could change Your Effect on women immediately (but don't ignore the other sections...I want you to get every advantage possible while You are looking for Your special lady!)

First Impression Boost
 Most people don't realize how much the first few seconds matter in any human interaction. When You shift to making an attractive first impression, however, you'll notice a big difference in the way new women react to You because they stop feeling like they have to turn You down to not hurt You.

The Secret to Approaching Women
 I'll show You why pick up lines don't work and what the actual problem is when approaching women (hint: it has to do with pre-historic survival). I'll also give You 3 simple strategies on how to handle approach anxiety and give you 1 tip on how you'll never run out of things to say again...EVER!

Flirting Skills Boost
 I'll show You the powerful psychological triggers I used when flirting with women. I still use them today with my lady...and she loves it because there is nothing evil with these triggers. They'll only make any conversation with You a pleasurable and memorable experience. 


How To Put it all Into Action 
You'll learn how you can put everything you learned into practice so that You can pick the fruits of your hard work in real life with real women. After this, You will be an attractive man who plays perfectly into the timeless desires of women.

Full course content

  • 1

    1. Introduction

  • 2

    2. Understanding Women - extended

  • 3

    3. Values and Visions for Your Love Life

    • 3.1 Introduction: Values And Vision

    • 3.2 Your Value Hierarchy

    • 3.3 Draft Your Life's Vision

    • 3.4 Refine Your Life's Vision

    • 3.5 What You want in a woman and what you have on offer

    • 3.6 Wrap Up: Values and Vision

  • 4

    4. Set Your Goals Right

    • 4.1 Introduction: Set Your Goals Right

    • 4.2 Goals and Attractiveness

    • 4.3 Goal Setting Part I

    • 4.4 Goal Setting Part II

    • 4.5 Wrap Up: Set Your Goals Right

  • 5

    5. Align Your Beliefs

    • 5.1 Introduction: Align your beliefs

    • 5.2 The Power of Beliefs

    • 5.3 What Do You Believe?

    • 5.4 How to Change a Hindering Belief and Replace it with a Serving One

    • 5.5 Wrap up: Align your beliefs

  • 6

    6. Attractiveness from Within

    • 6.1 Introduction: Attractiveness from within

    • 6.2 Authenticity

    • 6.3 Attractive Attitudes

    • 6.4 Self-confidence

    • 6.5 Wrap Up: Attractiveness from within

  • 7

    7. How to Get the First Impression Right

    • 7.1 Introduction: How to Get the First Impression Right

    • 7.2 Your Looks

    • 7.3 How You treat People around You

    • 7.4 Attractive Body Language

    • 7.5 Eye Contact

    • 7.6 Wrap Up: How to Get the First Impression Right

  • 8

    8. How to Approach a Woman

    • 8.1 Introduction: How to Approach a Woman

    • 8.2 What Most Guys Do Wrong Approaching Women and How You Can Avoid It

    • 8.3 "What Should I Say?!"

    • 8.4 How to Deal With Approach Anxiety

    • 8.5 Wrap Up: How to Approach a Woman

  • 9

    9. How to Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills

    • 9.1 Introduction: How to Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills

    • 9.2 The One Rule

    • 9.3 Direction of the Talk

    • 9.4 How to Build Up Trust

    • 9.5 A Pocket Full of Stories

    • 9.6 Flowery and Emotional Language

    • 9.7 Unreactiveness

    • 9.8 Wrap Up: How to Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills

  • 10

    10. Social Calibration

    • 10.1 Introduction: Social Calibration

    • 10.2 What Is Social Calibration and Why is It so Important

    • 10.3 The Exercises for Social Calibration and Less Approach Anxiety

    • 10.4 Wrap Up: Social Calibration

  • 11

    11. The Roadmap to Ultimate Charisma

    • 11.1 Introduction: Roadmap to Ultimate Charisma

    • 11.2 What Is Charisma

    • 11.4 How to Practice Ultimate Charisma

    • 11.3 The Truth about Meditation

    • 11.5 Wrap up: Roadmap to Ultimate Charisma

  • 12

    What's Next?

    • What's Next

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What customers say about this course

Fantastic job!

Christian Hansen

You're truly amazing. At first I was like "This course is so expensive", but honestly I find true value in this course and therefore 200 euros is nothing compared to learn how to act like a real man. You've learned me so much. Thank you, I'll get my dream woman now. That's for sure.


Amandeep Singh

5 STARS because this course has helped me a lot with women's and recently i started dating thanks to these informations. It takes time and effort but it gives you the power to approach women's and the content is explained really well. Good work Ben :)


Dennis Zervas

The teacher provides examples. A lot to learn and practice. He motivates and you cannot wait to finish the present lesson and to watch the next one. He is inspirational. A virtual handshake for this incredible and fabulous teacher.

5 out of 5 stars

Jon Bjørgvinsson

I very much like the friendly and simple to understand way that the instructor is using to explain the information. Also the information is very valuable.

Excellent Course

Fadi Al-Chaer

Excellent Course, both this course and your other course. Good information which I didnt knew and never thinked about. I strongly recommend this course for others. Looking forward to work with personal development and try things in the real world.

Good course

Martin Adam

Benjamin pictures more then pick up skills. It's about personal development. I like this one very much. Thank you.

Mind-blowing course

Enzo Coloso

Mind-blowing course,every aspect of social dynamics and relationships that have high value is discussed inside the program. I am amazed with how the instructor delivers the value in a soft entertaining way while having the hard core information being presented with great emphasis. Each lecture has so much in-depth value that you can use in your social skills that will attract all kinds of women in your life while having the power to pursue or select the high value woman in your life that you truly want. If you want great and lasting relationship this is the course for you. Take this course now and start changing your life and most importantly get the girl of your dreams. Thank you so much :D

Authentic version of Pick-Up

Stefan Stiller

What Benjamin preaches here is the authentic version of Pick-up! We have to work on our personality first to attract high-class women into our lifes. I love this approach! Benjamin leads through the topics with ease, clarity and structure. With this the concepts are easy to grasp and apply into your own life. Starting with the basics that set you up for a successful life (not only for success with women), he leads you over to conversation and flirting skills. Highly recommended course if you want to imporve your attractiveness towards the opposite sex! Great work!


The Ultimate Charisma Trick

  • Ultimate Charisma Trick

    As soon as You have gone through the course and received the first long gazes of women around You, You will go beyond being an attractive man. I'll show You a secret gateway that turns You from an attractive man into a charismatic man.

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  • Can this course help me to be attractive for one specific woman?

    Yes. The psychological principles, on which this course is based on, can help you become more attractive to one special woman. Take me for example: I use the same principles day-in-day-out to appeal to my girlfriend and thus spice up our relationship. If you aim to turn yourself more attractive to one special woman, be aware that attractiveness does not guarantee You that this woman falls crazily in love with You. However, this course definitely increases Your chances.

  • Are the results guaranteed?

    Of course you have to implement all the Tricks and Tipps in this course yourself. I cannot do the work for you. But I am so sure that this course will change your Dating life that I offer a 30-Days-Money-Back Guarantee. If you do not like the course for any reason (which I don't think you will) You will get your investment back in full within the first 30 days.

  • Can I pay with credit card?

    You can pay with PayPal. I think they also offer an option to pay with credit card.

Interview with Your Instructor

So, What makes this course special?

WANTED! - Dating for Men simplified goes beyond usual flirting and grooming advice. It empowers men to break the chains that keep them holding back in their love life. This course digs deep into the roots of manly attractiveness. Some character traits are scientifically proven to appeal to women in general. This is psychology. And psychology doesn't change so quickly. Together in the course, we foster these traits so that You can "adjust the screws" where it is the most effective - and oftentimes the easiest as well. In fact, You can have all flirting skills in the world, but if You fail to show these character traits, the woman You like will turn her back on You. If You do foster these character traits though, you can "ignite the flame" even in an existing relationship day after day.  


 What makes You so sure this course will help single men?

Everything You will learn in this course, I have tested myself first and found to be good. If You don't believe my words just look at the testimonials of my students. One of them, credited his success of finally dating a special lady to WANTED! - Dating for Men simplified. It makes me very grateful to see that my course helps to bring more love into this world. 


Why should students invest in this course?

The price of this course is below industry average. Usually, HQ dating courses for men cost between USD 300 and USD 500. Although this may seem high, I believe they are worth it. See, we invest so much in our career and our life style, but when was the last time you have invested in Love & Relationships? Don't You think that this part of life is one of the most crucial ones for You to be happy? Isn't Love & Relationships which prevent You most from being truly happy right now?

If I had known, what I teach You in this course years before, I could have saved myself a lot of headaches, heartaches, and even money-aches (if that is a word). I dated and spent time with the wrong type of women because I didn't know any better. Usually, I came home alone at nights. I felt lonely. My career suffered. My health suffered. I lost my self-esteem. And yes, I even lost (borrowed!) money to finance a trip for a woman so that we could meet. 

Don't make the same mistakes as I made. You are worth to live a fulfilling love life! 

So what is the first thing You are going to do, after You kick-started Your appeal to women with this course? :)

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